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HOLSTERS MADE TO LAST A LIFETIME. More than 50 kydex colors, 26 rivet colors, and multiple attachment options, all available in 159 different handgun models. Full AutoDidact Holsters are among the most customizable available, but you also won’t find a shorter wait time, as most holsters ship within 2-3 days and are guaranteed to ship in 10 days or less.

Full AutoDidact currently offers four holster models. Although designed to fill different niches, all Full AutoDidact Holsters feature the highest grade, American made Kydex, Holstex, and Boltaron. All designs are also created to ride comfortably, conceal well, and withstand a lifetime of any kind of carry.


MORE OPTIONS, SHORTER WAIT TIME. Full AutoDidact Magazine Pouches are designed to ride close and conceal well, while still functioning to the highest possible level. A raised backplate makes one handed reholstering easy.

All magazine pouches feature the most colors and shortest wait times available. ITEMS CURRENTLY SHIP IN LESS THAN A WEEK.

As with all Full AutoDidact products, our magazine pouches are made with the highest grade, American made Kydex, Holstex, and Boltaron and are designed to withstand the abuse of any kind of carry.



Want to support the company, or just love the Full AutoDidact Valknut logo? Check out these T-Shirt offerings available now. More designs are coming, so check back in the future.

Our T-Shirts don’t just look good, they are made from a high quality 50/50 blend, which is soft to the touch, won’t shrink, and holds up well to repeated washings. These are truly wearable T-Shirts, featuring the best logo in business.

In-Stock Products

Although Full AutoDidact products have the shortest wait time for any custom holsters or magazine pouches, nothing can compete with something that’s ready to ship immediately. If that is what you are looking for, check out our In-Stock products here, and see if there is something that fits your needs. As always, these Holsters are made of the finest American made Kydex, Holstex, and Boltaron. Although pre-made, you are still able to select the Attachment Type that allows your preferred carry method.

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